Success Stories

Here are some examples of our happy clients and their caring owners


Tyler came to us through Social Services, as he could not stay with his previous owners. Tyler was adopted by a lovely family. He spends many happy weekends away camping with his new family, which he thoroughly enjoys.


Daisy was initially very unsuccessfully rescued by some people who placed her in 2 homes within 48 hours which not surprisingly failed miserably.

Daisy previously had no training whatsoever and when she came into our Rescue, we placed her with one of our experienced Foster Homes, where she was given one-one training which she thrived on. She is now a very well trained, well behaved, lovely little Staffie girl, who was actually adopted by her Foster Carer.


Rosie came into rescue 3 years ago, after her owner died suddenly. She was 8 weeks pregnant and gave birth to 6 lovely pups who we found loving homes for.

As you can see, Rosie is very happy and well loved by her new family and they always send us lovely photos of her.


Amey is a lovely girl that was passed from pillar to post by her previous owner. The poor girl was also suffering from a skin condition which her previous owner couldn’t afford the treatment for but still had money to go out and buy a new puppy. In order to get her rehomed. Amey’s previous owners also told many lies regarding Amey, which the rescue has since found to be untrue. Amey’s previous owner was also willing to dump her on anyone who was willing to take her as she was considered just a hindrance to them.

Amey is now happy and settled with a new forever family and is well loved, adored and actually wanted!